Seeing Change

May 15th, 2024 by

Change is a funny thing. One day you wake up simply aware that something about you is different. It may be subtle, but you know that something has deeply shifted. You are at home with; comfortable with what you are feeling and experiencing, but as soon as you share your perception with loved ones or people who know you well…the budding changes gained may not survive the staying power of old patterns.  This morning in Mark Nepo’ Book of Awakening, I was inspired by this reading: 

Breaking Patterns

We create patterns that others depend on, and then the last thing we ever imagined happens we grow and change, and then to stay vital we must break the patterns we created… We know we are close to this when we hear someone say, “You are not yourself,” or ” That was out of character for you.” What is difficult at this point is to resist either complying with how others see us or with holding who we really are.  
The challenge, which I don’t do well but stay committed to, is to say to those we love, “I am more that I have shown you and more than you are willing to see. Let’s work our love and know each other more fully.”

What if you completely shifted perspective?  In fact, you can change the energy of chaos or sadness, simply by being grateful for those who are your catalysts by beginning to look at the dynamics between your Self and Others in your life; ultimately, we are all learning from each other. Be the actor~ unmasked. If we are all players in this Home Theatre, choose to be the protagonist who will walk into the sunset, wiser, stronger, and better for it.

The hero in this story knows his/her truth. It’s all about You. Everyday, every relationship dynamic is a new opportunity to be more heart-created, to choose a loving learning space for yourself. Your inner Self is truly at home feeling present, aware as a pillar of strength embracing the change your heart desires.  Now is the perfect time to connect to all of who you truly are.


Stephanie Heartsong


May 15th, 2024 by

Opening up your Pandora’s Box requires a conscious, will-full decision to heal yourself. But what does it mean to heal?  Is it about your health?  Well, compromised health certainly is a great incentive to change your lifestyle choices and so is pain.  Often, it is the physical challenges you face that give you the courage to discover the root cause of what ails you.  The moment you decide and acknowledge to yourself; “I need to change how I am living; who I am being; or who I am choosing to live with…” healing begins. It is a process of integrating healthy choices at all levels; the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual sides of self and life.

In many Eastern traditions, it is said that an illness is first detected in your energy body then some time later, it shows up in the physical body as the tangible result. How quickly the energy imbalance manifests into a physical ailment often depends on how your mind and emotions respond to life’s stress factors. (We could delve into the spiritual lessons of life-threatening diseases and handicaps, but that’s a whole different kind of blog 🙂

There are so many ways to heal yourself.  Some ways involve prescriptions by a doctor while other options are considered holistic medicine. No matter what your preference is, most healers and doctors both agree that how you feel, what you think, and your beliefs affect your healing.  Sometimes pain and illness are so debilitating, how can you think positively?

Consider these spiritual insights about illness and healing shared by clients over the years:

“Oh my, these headaches stem from my fear of figuring everything out for everyone else in my life. When I can’t control what they do, I suffer and everyone else around me must deal with me. So, I am still at the centre of it all!”

” Every time I do not want to do something, instead of communicating how I feel, I become sick. It is usually stomach related.”

” When my life feels out of control, my lower back hurts. Literally, I’ve thrown it out and have been flat on my back for days…when I do, everyone else can rescue me until I can deal with the everyday routine again. I feel terrible but that’s when I get all the support, I really need my life.”

I would have a myriad of other insights to share but the focus here is to illustrate that awareness is the key. When you recognize how an illness or dis-ease is serving you to manage life, the healing possibilities are endless.  What is most challenging is to take full responsibility for what is showing up in your body, without being angry. You see, every step of the way, your body is trying to help you heal, even if it must get your full attention via pain and discomfort. Try turning things around. Acknowledge the lessons. Be grateful for what you are learning about yourself and examine how you are really dealing with those around you. Ultimately, your body NEVER lies. It is helping you understand who you are and what you believe, deep inside. It’s not trying to make you feel bad, it’s simply showing you that it’s time to see what you have been hiding from yourself for too long.

Discovering the root cause of illness and dis-ease may not be easy, but when you are aware of all the connections between you and your world of worries, fears, anger, expectations, disappointment… you can heal, deeply. When this insight is processed at all levels of your being, what heals in you, changes the world.


Stephanie Heartsong

Tarot Reading, Is It for You?

May 15th, 2024 by

Tarot card reading is a method of cartomancy, a technique of divination or fortune-telling that practitioners use to gain insight into the past, present or future.

There are many different types of divination cards which are ideal for providing insights into everyday life challenges, relationships, and situations. It is uncanny how tarot cards can answer your questions and, that it is in your power to discover the available advantages of tarot reading.

Advantages of Tarot Card Reading:

  1. Clarify Your Thought Process:

Ask your question, shuffle your cards, and select three cards to reveal what is present in yourself, in mind, body and spirit. The cards chosen will always offer you a perspective to what is both true, and beneficial to know. Using tarot cards can simplify your thought process, offering a new, alternate perspective of what is happening. Reading the cards’ messages then reveal familiar patterns, habits, and choices customarily made. This results in your awareness shifting so you can consciously empower yourself to generate solutions that are within you that you were not conscious of before. As you explore the Tarot, your new potential pathways to clarity and resolutions are revealed.

  1. Bring Forth Peace of Mind:

When the unknown is known, decisions can be made, worries subside and peace within ensues. Often, trust is compromised by our ruminating thoughts and fears. Hindsight is such a gift, and reading tarot cards is a pathway to gain knowledge, dispelling the fear of the unknown. Identifying negative thoughts and integrating the card messages of possibilities, ultimately lead to choices and resolutions that are helpful. In fact, tarot readings can truly help our heart’s desire to live with a more peaceful mind.

  1. Invite Better Energy Flow:

An actual energetic relationship between the heart and the brain exists.  Our emotions and nervous system dictate how we feel on many levels. By alleviating fears of the unknown, you immediately perceive a more vibrant life force. Tarot card readings are a tool to assist you in becoming aware of the subtle energies within your Self. We are more than a physical body or the sum of our fears. What you know, accept, experience, and choose reveals who you truly are. Tarot readings simply help you to better understand yourself and to harness the power of intention. What you discover in a card reading can empower you and help to elevate your vital energy levels on a physical, emotional, and mental state of being.

  1. Embrace Great Choices for a Better Life:

Tarot card readings can help you to make the perfect choice and decision. As you explore the pros and cons of a choice, decision, or action you gain a higher perspective on the possibilities available to you in the present moment. The secret to benefitting from a Tarot reading lies in the clarity of your intention and accessing the power of intuition to know your truth. When you feel good about what is revealed, life’s lessons lead to empowerment and personal growth.

  1. Access Your Source of Wisdom:

When you’re confused about which path to choose or what will be your best option, a tarot card reading can help you to discern what is highly beneficial and serves your path of self-discovery. Picking a card a day for your highest good and healing can help align you with your spiritual purpose and best life. When you learn to read tarot for your Self and Others it is an opportunity to commune with something bigger than the mind and ego. It is a ritual, a pathway to access inner guidance and your Source of wisdom.

What is learned, revealed and felt during a consultation, can give voice to your purpose, and provide the insights needed to flourish in life! It is worth a try!


Stephanie Heartsong

The Heart of Change

May 15th, 2024 by

Change is happening right now. Change is constant and observable.

Why do we resist change when it visits us on a more personal level?

In turbulent, changed-filled times, I have witnessed two sides of myself working through the chaos that ensues.  One side wants me to squelch change, avoid it,  suffer through it, and try to maintain control.  The other side advises me to sit with change, accept it, surrender to it, learn, and grow from the experience.


Are you aware of the dueling voices within your head and are you seeking to relinquish the battle, open your mind, grow awareness, and lift your heart?


Burying the self in day-to-day duties or shifting your attention from one thing to the next does not foster the escape you or I unconsciously seek and need in mind, body, and higher being.  It may be uncomfortable, but creating space to feel and recognize that something needs to change within you is empowering and energizing. As you shift into observing the self; habits, reactions, and coping mechanisms, you can make new choices, agreements, and intentions to observe and accept life as it is. 


 Mind-body wellness practices such as Reiki, meditation, yoga, qigong, breathwork, and soul sound play, can impact your consciousness, and help create the inner space for mindful ideas, truthful feelings, and spiritual wisdom to arise. Every time you engage in and experience a sacred, spiritual practice, ritual, or session, you encounter parts of your Self that value wholeness, truth, and intuition.


Choosing to be aware and mindful, by observing your thoughts and reactions, strengthens your mental, emotional, and physical being in daily life. With practice and by incorporating routines and rituals that balance your day, it becomes easier to let things be or change your relationship with circumstances outside your control.  


During energy, sound, and breath practices, you connect to the deepest parts of yourself that remember the healing power of love, forgiveness, and compassion while bringing insights, to help release old patterns, harmful relationships, and situations.  The yearning for a break, a distraction, or an escape from worries and what you fear subsides. Instead, the healing frequencies of Reiki and Sound Medicine lead you to healthier interactions of being present and supportive of others without feeling drawn in or depleted. 


Seeking out practices to transform your life leads to healing the most important relationship: with yourself.  As you trust the process, the pathway, and the practice, so does the Universe! It unconditionally offers your heart and mind exactly the changes you so desire. What a great feeling change can bring!


Stephanie Heartsong 

Life’s Purpose

May 15th, 2024 by

How does someone find their passion? How does someone know what they are meant to be doing in life?

So much has been written on this topic. Yet, many of us still wonder if we are living our purpose in life. We wonder when our life will be fulfilled.

Invite yourself to consider the perspective of letting your purpose find you. Trust that your purpose is coming to you or is in you, waiting for you to be aware of “it.” Consider that “it” has always been finding you, but you have been unaware up to this point.

Perhaps you are anticipating and dreaming of something grandiose. Even comparing yourself to others and wanting what they have, wondering about what path they took to get there. Consider that those you admire became extraordinary because of an awareness of what life put on their path.

What is life putting on your path? It may not begin as grandiose, just something put in your path daily, however humble, that allows you to practice being happy, and to practice being love. Life’s purpose is not revealed in the doing, it is present in your everyday being. Follow these simple steps to get started on a new path.

  • Be aware of your thoughts
  • Take responsibility for your choices
  • Believe that life always supports what you love

Just for today, why not decide to stop seeking, stop worrying and powerfully choose to simply observe yourself in the life you are living right now. When you stop to take stock of the cold hard evidence that surrounds you, powerfully choose to see it with love, understanding and forgiveness. When you do, your choices and experiences make sense. You can see the old patterns, the habits and self-defeating thoughts that are in your own way to loving life. The moment you really see the Truth of your Self with more compassion, your heart opens, and your mind feels a radical shift in your body. Clarity ignites passion.

Life changes as you share your joy and insights with others.

Your purpose reveals itself moment by moment until WHO you truly are is revealed.


Stephanie Heartsong