The Heart of Change

The Heart of Change

Change is happening right now. Change is constant and observable.

Why do we resist change when it visits us on a more personal level?

In turbulent, changed-filled times, I have witnessed two sides of myself working through the chaos that ensues.  One side wants me to squelch change, avoid it,  suffer through it, and try to maintain control.  The other side advises me to sit with change, accept it, surrender to it, learn, and grow from the experience.


Are you aware of the dueling voices within your head and are you seeking to relinquish the battle, open your mind, grow awareness, and lift your heart?


Burying the self in day-to-day duties or shifting your attention from one thing to the next does not foster the escape you or I unconsciously seek and need in mind, body, and higher being.  It may be uncomfortable, but creating space to feel and recognize that something needs to change within you is empowering and energizing. As you shift into observing the self; habits, reactions, and coping mechanisms, you can make new choices, agreements, and intentions to observe and accept life as it is. 


 Mind-body wellness practices such as Reiki, meditation, yoga, qigong, breathwork, and soul sound play, can impact your consciousness, and help create the inner space for mindful ideas, truthful feelings, and spiritual wisdom to arise. Every time you engage in and experience a sacred, spiritual practice, ritual, or session, you encounter parts of your Self that value wholeness, truth, and intuition.


Choosing to be aware and mindful, by observing your thoughts and reactions, strengthens your mental, emotional, and physical being in daily life. With practice and by incorporating routines and rituals that balance your day, it becomes easier to let things be or change your relationship with circumstances outside your control.  


During energy, sound, and breath practices, you connect to the deepest parts of yourself that remember the healing power of love, forgiveness, and compassion while bringing insights, to help release old patterns, harmful relationships, and situations.  The yearning for a break, a distraction, or an escape from worries and what you fear subsides. Instead, the healing frequencies of Reiki and Sound Medicine lead you to healthier interactions of being present and supportive of others without feeling drawn in or depleted. 


Seeking out practices to transform your life leads to healing the most important relationship: with yourself.  As you trust the process, the pathway, and the practice, so does the Universe! It unconditionally offers your heart and mind exactly the changes you so desire. What a great feeling change can bring!


Stephanie Heartsong 

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