Hope you can relax and take a few healing breaths as you listen to this 5 minute Life Healing Chant. In this short video, Heartsong vocalizes affirming I AM statements while you peruse serene photography provided by Sandra Lucas, Colin Williams, Heather Petre and Deborah Twigg.

A 30 minute or 11 minute quartz crystal bowl & world instrument chakra tuning soundscape with native-like chants. For the short chakra tune up, move curser to start at 18:55 seconds. HeartSong's medicine session clears, cleanses and attunes your chakra system.

Attune the Chakra System with HeartSong Medicine. Recommend head phones or sound system to receive the full benefits of the 8 Quartz crystal bowls .HD video quality.

Join Heartsong for a one-take 11 minute soul sounds & Reiki energy. :) Seated or lying down you are invited to use your healing hands, vocalize, close your eyes and breathe.

This deeply relaxing 22-minute crystal bowl guided meditation is Life Healing Sound Medicine. Stephanie Heartsong's hypnotic voice entrances and charms your mind into stillness.

Attune your energy centres. Rest, revitalize, release anxiety and uplift your spirits while being bathed in soulful words and sounds.