Soul Life Reading

Traditionally, tarot cards are used to answer questions, to satisfy a longing to know about one’s future. The focus of Heartsong’s reading, however, is not on what the future holds but on understanding the here and now of your Soul Self. The Osho Zen Tarot, inspired by the work of Osho, a Zen teacher from India (1931-1990), is used as the platform to shed light on how outer events reflect your thoughts, feelings, and what you have chosen to create your life circumstances and relationships.

Tarot Reading

Soul Life Purpose Readings

Together we explore the power of intention and set the stage to call forth your passion. Discover the path of partnering with Spirit and your inner Self, to bring to fruition, your heart’s desire.

The cards are laid out in a circle formation. Each represents an aspect of your life revealing your thinking, feeling, being, relationships, and abilities to manifest. Your Soul card helps to awake, recognize and validate your intuition.

The session invites you to understand yourself and your present life circumstances from a holistic, authentically spiritual perspective. It is an opportunity to gain awareness and share insightful dialogue. Ultimately this reading draws on the power of love to understand and to remember who you are.

Spirit Soirées; Tea and Tarot Parties

Osho Zen Tarot readings are well-suited to intimate social gatherings and corporate wellness fairs. Authentic and insightful dialogue among family, friends, and colleagues can result from a series of mini-sessions.

Readings ranging from 20 to 30 min may be offered at parties or festive occasions while more elaborate channeled readings can be offered both in person and online.