Frequently Asked Questions

It is a holistic therapeutic method to access, support and offer healing energy for the purpose of restoring the mind, body and spirit health and wellness. The practice as it is known today, dates back to 1922 when a Buddhist known as Mikao Usui researched ancient healing manuscripts seeking medicinal knowledge. His journey as a seeker, teacher, healer led him to develop an initiation ceremony to activate the body’s natural healing ability to channel the universal life force that exists all around us and connects us all as spiritual human beings.

Absolutely! Reiki provides the vital life energy you need to manage the transformational changes taking place as well as the mental and emotional stress. Having received Reiki throughout all aspects of my own three pregnancies and deliveries, I can only say that Reiki was a blessing and a daily self-practice at that time in my life. It made a huge difference.

It is entirely a personal choice. The more you receive Reiki, the better you feel. Physically, when there is a chronic health issue or a physical trauma, the sooner you receive Reiki the faster the body heals. Frequent Reiki sessions help you to feel more centered and integrated in everyday living. Reiki is always helpful when you are facing chronic illness such as cancer, asthma, migraines, etc. Emotionally, Reiki provides you with the energy to cope with inner turmoil and fears. This often provides what you need to change your relationship or perception of the nature of your suffering.

• Drink water & fluids; try to avoid alcohol for a day or two.

• Take time to relax to adjust to the effects of renewed energy levels

• Pay more attention to any thoughts, insights, dreams, and intimate conversations that you have within a few days of having received Reiki… solutions to issues or problems often present themselves in this way

In our fast-paced life the traditional Usui System of Reiki Healing (also known as Usui Shiki Ryoho) has seen many changes since the late 1990’s. Today, there are many different versions and systems taught online and in person. Some Reiki teachers see Reiki as a workshop that can be taught in little time, while other Reiki Masters follow the traditions laid out by Hawayo Takato (who introduced Reiki to North America in the 70’s).

The Reiki Alliance organization is a great source of information and can provide insights on the value of lineage for those who seek to embrace the traditional practice and path of Reiki knowledge.

Reiki requires a trained practitioner to honour the healing form, intention and ritual while serving as a channel of the Universal Life Force energy that is our vital source of health and well-being.

A Sound Healing session invites the practitioner to play instruments and vocalize the pure tones, sounds and frequencies for the purpose of naturally healing the physical, mental and emotional body. There are tangible vibrational effects on the brain and body. The subtle energy of sound can be measured and one can witness how harmonic patterns are designed. Scientific research in the field of sound medicine; ultrasonics and its medical applications is rapidly increasing.

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