Inspired to learn the healing art of Reiki?

Over 25 years ago, a desire to help someone in my family led me to Reiki. We all have reasons why this incredible hands-on healing art comes into our lives, speaks to hearts and minds and helps us heal in ways we could not explain!

As a seeker, I invite you to book a call with me, share your story and ask questions so you may determine whether, we are to walk this path together. As a traditionally trained master, I offer classes only when I am asked. Teaching Reiki is a spiritual service as opposed to one of my events.

A class comes together organically. The first step is for us to connect.

What is the Usui System of Reiki Healing

  • A Gentle Hands-On Healing Art
  • An Energy Treatment For Many Conditions
  • A Natural Means To Harmonize & Balance
  • A Reliable Way Of Reducing Stress
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Reiki is an ancient hands-on healing art rediscovered in the early 1900s by a Japanese scholar, Mikao Usui. Reiki is a Japanese word representing “Universal Life Force” — the energy around and within you. This “intelligent energy” activates and supports your natural ability to restore spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical balance and optimal health. Since Reiki harmonizes the subtle energies of the mind, body and spirit, it is ideal for addressing issues such as chronic ailments, stress, anxiety, physical trauma, emotional distress.

Reiki Healing Chakra

Heartsong’s Lineage: Master, 6th Generation, Usui Shiki Ryoho

  • Mikao Usui (1865-1926)
  • Chujiro Hayashi (1879-1940)
  • Hawayo Takata (1900-1980)
  • Phyllis Furomoto (1950-2019 )
  • Reginald Duff Doel (1955- )

The Usui System of Reiki has 3 levels of training: First Degree, Second Degree, and Mastery.

First Degree

This introductory level is for anyone interested in hands-on energy healing. The 2 to 4 day class covers: the history and precepts of the Usui System of Reiki Healing to bring balance into your life

  • Four Initiations To Enliven The Spiritual Dimension Of This Method And To Heighten Your Perceptions Of Subtle Energies And Your Ability To Easily Tap Into The Universal Energy Field When Your Hands Are Placed On Yourself Or Another
  • The Patterned Progression Of Hand Positions For Use Both In The Treatment Of Others And In Self-Treatment
  • The Certificate Given At The End Attests That You Have Participated In All Aspects Of The Level I Training In The Usui System Of Reiki Healing And That The Master Has Presented All Components Of That System. Knowledge Of This Healing Art Will Continuously Be Revealed As You:
  • Engage In The Daily Practice Of The Form On Yourself;
  • Contemplate Daily The Five Reiki Precepts;
  • Meet Together To Exchange Treatments And Share Experiences;
  • To Contact The Reiki Master If Questions Arise.

Second Degree

Second Degree teaching inherently increases your desire to be fully responsible for your choices in life. The 2-day class covers:

  • A Review Of The Forms And Principles Of The Usui System Of Reiki Healing
  • The Three Symbolic Patterns That Focus Reiki Energy For Sending A Distant Healing Treatment As Well As For Furthering The Mental, Spiritual, And Emotional Healing Process For Yourself And For Others
  • The Power Of Intent And How The 3 Symbols Can Be Used In Everyday Life
  • The Principle Of “Non-Interference” And The Responsible Nature Of Serving As An Energy Channel
  • An Additional Initiation To Further Enhance Your Ability To Interact With This “Intelligent Energy”
  • “Distant Or Absent Healing” Is Learned And Practiced
  • The Second Degree Practice Helps You Learn How To Let Go, To Let Others Be, And Trust How The Universal Energy Is A Living, Co-Creative Force In Our Lives.

Path of Mastery

Being a Master in the Usui System of Reiki Healing is not a profession but a way of being and relating with the world. If after the 2 levels of training and at least 1 year of practice you feel called to teach Reiki as a spiritual path, Heartsong Medicine offers a one-on-one mentorship approach. The Reiki Mastery program is a minimum of 1 year. This program is a co-created contract between the Initiate and the Master. We are all unique and so is an apprenticeship. Following your heart, living the path of Reiki is an individualized journey of commitment, healing, practicing, learning, facilitating, and serving with humility. It is a way of living.

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