One on One sessions with Stephanie Heartsong combines Soul Life Therapy, energy healing, spiritual purpose reading using the Osho Zen Tarot cards and Shamanic SoundPlay Medicine


Holistic Healing

One on One sessions with Stephanie Heartsong draws on spirit psychology, intuition, energy work and her shamanic sound healing gifts.

It is a time for yourself to feel, access, and experience the power, knowledge, and healing that resides within you. Whether you are seeking to replenish and rejuvenate, heal hurt and anxiousness, or energetically release stress and dis-ease, your session offers what is needed for your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Heartsong Medicine Services are always uniquely combined to serve & support seekers.

Scheduling Your Session

Email or text Stephanie Heartsong at 905-921-5339 to arrange a mutually convenient time

Availability: Summer Hours: 10 am to 9 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

Weekends and Holiday Hours are by request.

Property Energy Cleanse

Property Energy Cleanse

The energy of a property, home or commercial space is felt the moment we enter the premises. No matter where you are, a dwelling holds the energy signature of all thoughts, feelings, events and actions experienced by those who have lived, worked and died within the space.

Whether you are selling, buying property or need to clear your space of strange occurrences or negativity, Heartsong Medicine offers you a tangible solution. One that calls on your participation, so you may not only experience a fresh new flow, but you also learn how to clear stagnation and keep your space pristinely positive!

Homestay Retreat

Retreat & Workshop Facilitation

Stephanie Heartsong is often asked to co-facilitate or is hired to share her expertise as a shamanic sound healer, Hatha Yoga teacher and spiritual guide. Companies seeking an experienced retreat or workshop facilitator can benefit from Heartsong Medicine’s 25 plus years of running spiritual wellness retreats and from the multitude of Expo and Conference exhibition events she has both attended and organized.

Support Group

Spirit Soirées

Host an intimate circle of friends in your home, studio And or wellness centre. Any of Heartsong Medicine’s offerings can be uniquely designed to suit the host’s intention, guests, and space. Consider Women Wisdom Circles, Soul SoundPlay chakra and energy protection workshops, tea and tarot party, Reiki class or a support group.

mudra meditation

$60 per person for a private function with Heartsong minimum of 6 people

$125 Uniquely tailored session Heartsong’s Healing Home (90 min)

$325 3-Session option.

$175 + Hire Heartsong

$89.99  Solstice Sale   May 21 to June 21    Purchase 75-minute Heartsong Consultations  Limit: 3 sessions per person.


Gift Certificates available in amounts of $60 +