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Heartsong is pleased to provide Wellness & Yoga Studios chakra-aligning Soundscapes during gentle, Yin, and Restorative Yoga sessions. It is an ideal 60-90 minute yoga and meditation class taught by Heartsong or elements are offered in collaboration with Studio Yoga teachers.


  1. Engage in pranayama breath work
  2. Practice gentle Hatha, restorative yoga
  3. Learn a mudra meditation with a mantra chant
  4. Receive a Chakra-aligning Savasana Soundscape.

Heartsong is honoured to collaborate and support yoga teachers’ classes with soundplay, meditation and breathwork facilitation.


Please note that HST of 13% is added to sale sessions fees. Feel free to etransefer your purchase total to (ideal2buy@gmail.com). Heartsong Medicine will provide you with a paid invoice or call us for any questions or queries, we will be more than happy to help!

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Take care of your heart, body, and soul to feel renewed and awake.

June 22 Solstice Retreat Flow of the Day:

  • • Introductions & Welcome Circle
  • • Guided meditation to centre and arrive (15 min)
  • • Gentle Hatha Yoga for the summer solstice (60 min session)
  • • Mini Break- light snacks will be provided
  • • Nature Walk connecting to earth
  • • Teaching on Listening to inner voice and journal exercise
  • • Break for Lunch
  • • Restorative Yoga Postures and Yoga Nidra class ( meditative) – Rest the nervous system (1 hour)
  • • Break
  • • Sound Healing bath with Stephanie Heartsong (90 min session)
  • • Reflection, Sharing & Closing circle