Soul Sound Player Program

Apprentice with Heartsong

This program is ongoing and can be attended at any point. It is both a one-on-one mentorship and comprehensive group training in Sound Healing Medicine. Students learn fundamental rituals and techniques of vocalization, playing crystal bowls, using world instruments as healing tools, and channeling Spirit Songs. We can work together online, in group sessions or connect in person.

Location: Hamilton ON/Online

Attend Four 4-Hour Training Sessions

  1. Introduction to Soul Sound Play Medicine and Crystal Singing Bowls
  2. The Art of Energy Healing Using Instruments & Voice with Clients and in Group Settings
  3. Working with Frequency and Vibrations. Learn How Tuning Forks Work on the Physical and Subtle Energy Body
  4. Field Trip to the Sound Journey Store _ In Person
    1. Opportunity to purchase instruments and to learn techniques for playing Gongs, Hand Pans, Himalayan Singing Bowls…
    2. Sharing behind the scenes tips to organize events, retreats and how to offer Soul Sound Playing online.
soul sound play

Sound Player Students will:

  • Learn Sonic Rituals & How To Integrate Subtle Energy Work And Breathwork With The Use Of Instruments As Healing Tools
  • Work With Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Gongs & A Variety Of Other World Instruments
  • Obtain Business Coaching For Hosting Events, Streaming & Recording Online
  • Organize And Lead One Live Sound Healing Meditation Event With A Minimum Of 6 People To A Maximum Of 12 In Attendance To Obtain A Certification Of Completion
  • Receive Ongoing Support & Sessions Throughout The Program
  • Experience Co-Facilitation During Events Or Retreats Facilitated By Heartsong

Who is this program for:

This personalized program provides introductory and advanced techniques for working with world instruments and energy healing. There is no need to be a musician or vocalist. Working with sound is for all who are sensitive to vocalizations, pure tones, and the frequencies experienced in their inner realm as well as their environment. Many who train in this healing art have existing holistic practices. Teachers, yogis, massage therapists, nutritional practitioners, mental health counselors, and education professionals are all attracted to sound medicine. This program fosters a personal development, or you would like to facilitate and organize soundbaths in your community, the Sound Player Program provides you with a Certificate and a transformative journey of healing your SELF and Others as you practice the Transformative Healing Power of Sound Medicine.

sound player program