Soul Life Therapy

When life presents us with work, family health and relationship challenges, we have the power to choose how to experience life on life’s terms. Seeking therapeutic options, nutritional guidance, and medical support are some of the ways that we can manage stress. Additionally, locating a personal source of strength and resilience for coping and self-healing is another effective and healthy option available to each and every one of us.

Soul Life Therapy is a pathway to access your own ability to self-heal get the resolve to face and overcome life’s challenges. discovering what practices serve to grow your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health shifts your habits, patterns, reactions, and choices in life. For years I have helped clients who deeply desire to transform their life’s circumstances and heal from trauma, physical, emotional, and mental health distress, and dis-ease. When Soul Life therapy speaks to your heart, mind and soul as a transformation journey, you’ll find the support you need by:

  • Desiring Change +
  • Taking Responsibility For Choices +
  • Being Aware Of Feelings +
  • Observing Thoughts +
  • Examining Beliefs About Self +
  • Owning Reactions To Situations +
  • Responding With Love & Humour =
  • Choosing To BE Your Best.

In this inquiry-based, self-learning session, a combination of techniques is tailored specifically to suit your way of being in the world as well as your lifestyle. The insights gained can ignite your passion to choose new thought patterns that change how you respond to situations and people in your life. This path of self-realization invites you to be present, engaged and resourceful as you create the life you love.

Innerlife Therapy

Authentic Dialogue

  • Exploring Core Issues And Beliefs
  • Using The Power Of Intention To Retrain Thought Patterns
  • Surfacing Answers To Unresolved Questions Arising From Deep Questioning And Authentic Listening Strategies

Self-Awareness Practice

  • Using Breath-Awareness exercises
  • Exploring Meditation Techniques
  • Observing Thoughts & Feelings
  • Exploring Life Challenges As Powerful Personal Growth Lessons
  • Assuming Responsibility For Responses & Reactions To Life Situations

Mind-Body Integration

  • Receiving Reiki To Amplify Awareness Of The Mind-Body Dynamic
  • Learning To Listen To What The Body Knows
  • Choosing Thoughts To Help Move Beyond Fears
  • Exploring key qigong, Yoga and Meditation routines To Practice At Home
Reiki Healing
Soul Life Reading

Support Structure

  • Developing A Plan Of Action To Support The Dynamic Balance Of The Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Financial And Spiritual Aspects Of Life
  • Deciding What Nutritional Habit Can Better Serve Health-Consciousness
  • Using A Journal To Reflect On Self, Other And Environmental Change
  • Developing A Practice Of Mindfulness

The process is uniquely co-created by you and at first, with Heartsong. The aim of this life supportive program is to choose consciously the therapeutic ways to help you learn to feel, hear and acknowledge your own Soul’s wisdom who unconditionally loves and accepts who you are. As you explore your Self, an expanded awareness forges new pathways to grow vitality and joy. As you flourish, so do you enrich your life with love.