Tarot Reading, Is It for You?

Tarot Reading, Is It for You?

Tarot card reading is a method of cartomancy, a technique of divination or fortune-telling that practitioners use to gain insight into the past, present or future.

There are many different types of divination cards which are ideal for providing insights into everyday life challenges, relationships, and situations. It is uncanny how tarot cards can answer your questions and, that it is in your power to discover the available advantages of tarot reading.

Advantages of Tarot Card Reading:

  1. Clarify Your Thought Process:

Ask your question, shuffle your cards, and select three cards to reveal what is present in yourself, in mind, body and spirit. The cards chosen will always offer you a perspective to what is both true, and beneficial to know. Using tarot cards can simplify your thought process, offering a new, alternate perspective of what is happening. Reading the cards’ messages then reveal familiar patterns, habits, and choices customarily made. This results in your awareness shifting so you can consciously empower yourself to generate solutions that are within you that you were not conscious of before. As you explore the Tarot, your new potential pathways to clarity and resolutions are revealed.

  1. Bring Forth Peace of Mind:

When the unknown is known, decisions can be made, worries subside and peace within ensues. Often, trust is compromised by our ruminating thoughts and fears. Hindsight is such a gift, and reading tarot cards is a pathway to gain knowledge, dispelling the fear of the unknown. Identifying negative thoughts and integrating the card messages of possibilities, ultimately lead to choices and resolutions that are helpful. In fact, tarot readings can truly help our heart’s desire to live with a more peaceful mind.

  1. Invite Better Energy Flow:

An actual energetic relationship between the heart and the brain exists.  Our emotions and nervous system dictate how we feel on many levels. By alleviating fears of the unknown, you immediately perceive a more vibrant life force. Tarot card readings are a tool to assist you in becoming aware of the subtle energies within your Self. We are more than a physical body or the sum of our fears. What you know, accept, experience, and choose reveals who you truly are. Tarot readings simply help you to better understand yourself and to harness the power of intention. What you discover in a card reading can empower you and help to elevate your vital energy levels on a physical, emotional, and mental state of being.

  1. Embrace Great Choices for a Better Life:

Tarot card readings can help you to make the perfect choice and decision. As you explore the pros and cons of a choice, decision, or action you gain a higher perspective on the possibilities available to you in the present moment. The secret to benefitting from a Tarot reading lies in the clarity of your intention and accessing the power of intuition to know your truth. When you feel good about what is revealed, life’s lessons lead to empowerment and personal growth.

  1. Access Your Source of Wisdom:

When you’re confused about which path to choose or what will be your best option, a tarot card reading can help you to discern what is highly beneficial and serves your path of self-discovery. Picking a card a day for your highest good and healing can help align you with your spiritual purpose and best life. When you learn to read tarot for your Self and Others it is an opportunity to commune with something bigger than the mind and ego. It is a ritual, a pathway to access inner guidance and your Source of wisdom.

What is learned, revealed and felt during a consultation, can give voice to your purpose, and provide the insights needed to flourish in life! It is worth a try!


Stephanie Heartsong

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