Opening up your Pandora’s Box requires a conscious, will-full decision to heal yourself. But what does it mean to heal?  Is it about your health?  Well, compromised health certainly is a great incentive to change your lifestyle choices and so is pain.  Often, it is the physical challenges you face that give you the courage to discover the root cause of what ails you.  The moment you decide and acknowledge to yourself; “I need to change how I am living; who I am being; or who I am choosing to live with…” healing begins. It is a process of integrating healthy choices at all levels; the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual sides of self and life.

In many Eastern traditions, it is said that an illness is first detected in your energy body then some time later, it shows up in the physical body as the tangible result. How quickly the energy imbalance manifests into a physical ailment often depends on how your mind and emotions respond to life’s stress factors. (We could delve into the spiritual lessons of life-threatening diseases and handicaps, but that’s a whole different kind of blog 🙂

There are so many ways to heal yourself.  Some ways involve prescriptions by a doctor while other options are considered holistic medicine. No matter what your preference is, most healers and doctors both agree that how you feel, what you think, and your beliefs affect your healing.  Sometimes pain and illness are so debilitating, how can you think positively?

Consider these spiritual insights about illness and healing shared by clients over the years:

“Oh my, these headaches stem from my fear of figuring everything out for everyone else in my life. When I can’t control what they do, I suffer and everyone else around me must deal with me. So, I am still at the centre of it all!”

” Every time I do not want to do something, instead of communicating how I feel, I become sick. It is usually stomach related.”

” When my life feels out of control, my lower back hurts. Literally, I’ve thrown it out and have been flat on my back for days…when I do, everyone else can rescue me until I can deal with the everyday routine again. I feel terrible but that’s when I get all the support, I really need my life.”

I would have a myriad of other insights to share but the focus here is to illustrate that awareness is the key. When you recognize how an illness or dis-ease is serving you to manage life, the healing possibilities are endless.  What is most challenging is to take full responsibility for what is showing up in your body, without being angry. You see, every step of the way, your body is trying to help you heal, even if it must get your full attention via pain and discomfort. Try turning things around. Acknowledge the lessons. Be grateful for what you are learning about yourself and examine how you are really dealing with those around you. Ultimately, your body NEVER lies. It is helping you understand who you are and what you believe, deep inside. It’s not trying to make you feel bad, it’s simply showing you that it’s time to see what you have been hiding from yourself for too long.

Discovering the root cause of illness and dis-ease may not be easy, but when you are aware of all the connections between you and your world of worries, fears, anger, expectations, disappointment… you can heal, deeply. When this insight is processed at all levels of your being, what heals in you, changes the world.


Stephanie Heartsong

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