Life’s Purpose

Life’s Purpose

How does someone find their passion? How does someone know what they are meant to be doing in life?

So much has been written on this topic. Yet, many of us still wonder if we are living our purpose in life. We wonder when our life will be fulfilled.

Invite yourself to consider the perspective of letting your purpose find you. Trust that your purpose is coming to you or is in you, waiting for you to be aware of “it.” Consider that “it” has always been finding you, but you have been unaware up to this point.

Perhaps you are anticipating and dreaming of something grandiose. Even comparing yourself to others and wanting what they have, wondering about what path they took to get there. Consider that those you admire became extraordinary because of an awareness of what life put on their path.

What is life putting on your path? It may not begin as grandiose, just something put in your path daily, however humble, that allows you to practice being happy, and to practice being love. Life’s purpose is not revealed in the doing, it is present in your everyday being. Follow these simple steps to get started on a new path.

  • Be aware of your thoughts
  • Take responsibility for your choices
  • Believe that life always supports what you love

Just for today, why not decide to stop seeking, stop worrying and powerfully choose to simply observe yourself in the life you are living right now. When you stop to take stock of the cold hard evidence that surrounds you, powerfully choose to see it with love, understanding and forgiveness. When you do, your choices and experiences make sense. You can see the old patterns, the habits and self-defeating thoughts that are in your own way to loving life. The moment you really see the Truth of your Self with more compassion, your heart opens, and your mind feels a radical shift in your body. Clarity ignites passion.

Life changes as you share your joy and insights with others.

Your purpose reveals itself moment by moment until WHO you truly are is revealed.


Stephanie Heartsong

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