Soul Healing Yoga

Restore and Receive with Sound Healing

Saturday, April 6th | 7:00-8:30 pm | $TBA soon, I still need their image and write up

Register with: Heron | | 905-648-4571

Saturday, May 4th | 7:30-9pm | $49

Saturday, June 1st | 7:30-9pm | $49

Register with: Del a Sol Yoga .ca | | 905-540-3569

On the Saturday evening closest to the New Moon, join Stephanie DeBou and Stephanie Heartsong for a sound healing experience like no other. We'll move our bodies in a gentle, ease-filled, slow flow practice and then prepare our beds and bodies for deep rest. Supported by props, and wrapped up in cozy blankets, we will immerse our senses in the soothing soul sounds of Heartsong Medicine. Enjoy an extra long Savasana, enveloped by tranquil sounds of chimes, quartz bowls, song and more, as we welcome the New Moon energy of renewal, beginnings, and possibility. Bring yourself, your intention and an open mind, to receive, relax and access exactly what you need from your practice to manifest into your daily life.